Opus, because better people build better businesses.

Data visualization that simplifies workforce analytics and makes it usable.

Make better operational decisions with Opus Analytics

Data visualization that simplifies workforce analytics and makes it usable.

Our Offerings

Using our certified Knowledge Graph, skills insights, talent intelligence and people data measurement systems, Opus Analytics can:

Integrate with
Your System

Opus Analytics can integrate into your HR management system.

Analyze Talent

Analyze your organization’s talent capabilities.


Get all the needed knowledge to improve performance

Why We're Better ?!

Connectedness between skills and talent intelligence increases a business chances of retention and engagement.
Enabling customers with, No Code data science.
Research points to the criticality of the Skills area and the market gap.
Engineering excellence in things like data parsing, document processing and analyzing.

Meet Our Team

Opus tackles key topics, such as skills and capabilities, talent insights and provides tools that bridge gaps with Human Capital and Engineering Excellence.

Somaya El Sherbini

People Analytics Expert

Managed multi-country Human Capital business across 4 geographies.

Sherif Amer

Expert in Strategy, Human Capital

Founding member of a high growth Egyptian Start-up that was acquired

Basil Fateen

Expert in AI/ML.

Lead Development teams , Founded a start-up that was acquired

Jeff Wallace

Strategic Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur with an exit to Apple, Angel investor in 255+ companies

Dave Nagle

Strategic Advisor

30+ years at Fortune 500 company, Managing Partner at The Batchery